Allow colored shirts to be worn #soccer-rules-2023

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as a number of local, regional and superregional tournaments have issued blue, yellow and orange shirts in the past for volunteers/OC/participants we’d like to permit these to be worn. This should not be an issue because walls are now higher than robots and therefore no robot ever needs to look up and the part of the cameras field of view that looks up can easily be blocked in either hardware or software (think piece of tape over lens). Is this reasonable?

  • This is a good idea
  • We wouldn’t have a problem but please don’t do this to the new teams
  • We would have a problem adjusting to this
  • Other concern (please post below)

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Hi there,

I would be a big challenge for all teams, to place one directional cameras deep enough on an roboter, so that we can´t see anything over the area of the field.
This would be possible for all of I guess, I hope. But with much more work, than now.

Elias (Robotronic)

Hi everybody,

we have merged this pull request. The reasoning is that cameras can easily be prevented from looking up high over the wall by applying some black electrical tape. See this thread for current 2023 draft rules.

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Hi everybody,

the final rules are out now and permit colored shirts. The entry rules draft (discuss entry rules draft here) retains it though for fields with walls lower than 22cm.

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