Age Constraint on team members for RoboCup Junior Rescue 2022

Hi everybody,
We are an Iranian team that qualified for RoboCup Junior Rescue 2022.
Two team members are under 14, and the others are above that. But they are very professional. They have done hard work for five years to reach this position.
Is there any constraint on the participation of the team?
Thank you.

Hi @majid,

Please check the RoboCupJunior General rule.
RoboCupJunior General Rules – RoboCupJunior

There are restrictions on team participation.
We cannot accept any age other than the age specified in the general rule.
I don’t know how the team is recommended because it’s outside the committee’s job.
Please ask the Regional Representative in your region for information on how to join the team. The list is here.

2022 committee