2022 World Championship is over

What are the new Ideas for 2023?

Hi there,
Robocup 2022 is over, so from now on season 2023 started…

We were happy enough to take part in Bangkok and we had lots of chats with other teams (a lot of teams, but not all of them) and I think I just point out, what we all agreed about:

  1. we definitely would love to see the draft rules for 2023 ASAP
  2. we heavily desire final rules for 2023 end of September, so that local championships can run with final rules
  3. rule changes from 2022 to 2023 we would love to see:

Kicking power restrictions adapt to more power:
lightweight is fine
open: increase the kicking power and have a new measure:
Kick in one corner of the field - the golf-ball must not touch the opposite corner of the field.
This is easy to measure and depends on the field itself. So a “slow” carpet allows slightly higher power than a “fast” and “flat” carpet. So teams have to adopt the power on every location, what they do anyway.

Size of field:
lightweight and open:
Stick to the size of the (wooden) field but move the white lines and the goals further out.
→ more space to play, easy “out of bounds” to be detected visually and acoustically when the robot touches the wall. There will be no “out of reach” anymore except for the penalty area in front of the goal which could become slightly larger to prevent the robot from sticking to to goals.

Camera system:
Get rid of any restrictions. Allow as many cameras as you want and any kind of lenses.
It turned out that especially for 2vs2open lots of robots could not see the golf-ball when it was close to the robot. And the omnivision mirrors are more expensive than fish-eye lenses or even multiple cameras.

And finally do not change the allowed voltage.
The 2vs2 open game was much slower then those the years before, because it is so much harder to
see and get the golf-ball than it was getting the hockey ball. So there is no need to change anything at the power system at all as this would only increase costs for teams having to buy new motors and controllers.

These rule changes would be enough to have interesting games in 2023 in our opinion.

But again : these are our suggestions, not the actual new rules !!!

And : Thank you for this wonderful robocup in Bangkok. That was well organized and good fun for everyone!

Roland (coach of the bohlebots)

Hi Roland,

please see the 2023 draft rules master thread for details.